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In today’s competitive world multitasking is the essential element of success and achievement
One second can turn your future upside down
One minute may award you with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
One hour can teach you the lesson you’ll forever appreciate
Time management is everything when it comes to balanced self-development
Every year you lose on solving various small tasks.
Every year you lose 1218 hours or 50+ days on solving various small tasks. What if you could take advantage from every single second of your life?
Look how much of routine time a year you have to accomplish your goals!
Standing in a traffic jam
Bathing and taking shower
Doing household chores
What could you achieve if you had 1218 spare hours?
New language
Mastered textbooks
Read books
New recipes
text to speech program
Natural-sounding voice for best perception
Intelligent Speaker uses innovative text-to-speech technologies and one of the best synthesised voices of all existing today.
Multiformat support for your convenience
Intelligent Speaker reads aloud internet and intranet pages, emails, your local files and documents of various formats. You can listen to your favorite articles and blog-posts, news and announces, go through your inbox and book pages.
Podcast creation for limitless listening
Intelligent Speaker creates podcasts from your articles and texts and lets you listen to them at any time which suits for you, from any device and even off-line. Enjoy listening while you’re on-the-go mode!
Intuitive Design and Support
Intelligent Speaker has a user-friendly design and easy settings for your comfort. Our support team is ready to help you 24/7. We are always happy to hear feedbacks and your comments, they make Intelligent Speaker better!
With Intelligent Speaker you get
Multiple Languages
Private podcast feed
Leading Text-to-Speech Engine
Desktop files support
Google Docs support
As a busy person, I always try to use products which help to stay productive. For me Intelligent Speaker and productivity are synonyms. I listen to podcasts a lot when I travel and do sport and Intelligent Speaker creates customized podcasts with the content I choose myself. Solid extension for every-day use!
My headphones are primary for lectures, podcasts, audiobooks, radio theaters, but not all interesting information available in audio format. With Intelligent Speaker I listen internet forums and articles during commute and sport sessions.
I use Intelligent Speaker for saving articles I'm interested to the feed and when I have a spare moment I listen to them all! Absolutely love podcast function, easy and simply great!
I am an Author of children's books and use this product in proofreading. It is outstanding. The natural sounding voice makes it seem like a human is reading it. The software actually sees and understands punctuation. The voice changes on question marks, to sound as if they have a question. The commas are read as commas, with a pause. I highly recommend this AP for reading and assistance in reading as well as the proofreading of any type of material. Great job.