Intelligent Speaker New Year Functionality.

The new year is the time for new resolutions and new goals, so let’s promise to ourselves that in 2019 we will stay productive, find our own balance, will do what we like and will let smart technology assist us in achieving our most ambitious goals.

Every year our team releases new functions and improves Intelligent Speaker by implementing the features requested by our users. In 2019 we moved Intelligent Speaker to the new tts level, enabling new settings, more customization options and requested usability.

What’s new in Intelligent Speaker this year?

Upload multiformat files from your device and listen to them at any time

Do you have multiple documents you need to look through? Do you have a PDF contract to review? Always wanted to read a book which has been on your desktop forever but you’ve never had time and patience? Today all your life scenarios can become easy and fun.

You can upload your files to Intelligent Speaker and listen to them while you’re driving, cooking, relaxing on the beach, riding a bicycle, commuting to work, working out or doing groceries. With multiformat support, you can listen to any content and always make sure that you stay efficient and productive.

Voice choice and expanded settings

We’ve expanded Intelligent Speaker voice database, which means now all our users will be able to choose the voice they like most in every presented language.

Ready for a fairytale? Choose of the most adorable children voices and plunge into the magical world of knights and princesses. Getting ready for a test? Choose the voice that sounds like your professor’s and prepare for a class while making popcorn.

Multi-browser support for your best experience

We’ve expanded Intelligent Speaker presence by adding it to Opera Browser add-ons market. Now our tts extension is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers. You can use the extension reading your favorite content in the browser you prefer and stay productive doing things you are used to.

Annual subscription with discounts

As always, every user will have the opportunity of using our product for free 1 hour/month.

If you would like to expand your listening time and you are our paid subscriber, we have terrific news: our new annual plan gives you 2 month of Intelligent Speaker usage for free

It will be another great year!

This year we will continue working on new functionalities and settings. We are always willing to hear back from you, your feedback make our product better! We have a lot of plans and with the support, we get from our users, nothing seems impossible! This year, we promise to make a lot of useful content and release series of videos with productivity tips and Intelligent Speaker use cases. We are looking forward to meeting you this year!

Thank you for being with us, Intelligent Speaker Community!

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