New Era of Information: the Story of Intelligent Speaker

How do you spend your routine time? This was the first question which almost one year Intelligent Speaker development team asked aloud for the first time. Back then we didn’t know we would create an efficient text-to-speech product. We did not know what we wanted to create and how it would look at the end. We only knew that we had all the opportunities to develop something that could change the way we accomplish our tasks and spend routine time.

There exist a whole bunch of applications which help us to keep all the tasks on track, to keep us healthy and fit, to make sure we never forget anything and wake up on time. How about the one which brings you all the information in the world when you are doing routine tasks, such as driving a car, exercising or cooking? The one which keeps you curious and assists you on your way to self-development and productivity?

Now you found such a product. Intelligent Speaker - efficient text-to-speech which boosts your productivity and provides you the next level of information perception. It took us one year of constant development and improvements. One year of feedbacks from the ones who matter the most: our users. We heard every single word and idea, great reviews motivated us a lot and gave us hope, bad reviews were even more motivating, the gave us the space for development and often pointed out important issues to solve.

Today Intelligent Speaker is alive. We are grateful to all of our users who supported us and believed in our extension. We are happy to announce that we are on the finish line of the launching.

What is new and what to expect? Keep reading and you’ll learn everything!

Release notes: What’s new in Intelligent Speaker?

Improved player design and usability

We constantly work on Intelligent Speaker usability and user experience. In this version, we’ve focused on our users’ productivity and motivation. Now you can add the content you’re interested in to the feed and listen to it from the player. We highly recommend to use Intelligent Speaker podcast function as all the pages, posts, books, and articles are automatically added to your personal podcast.

Human-like synthesized speech and multiple languages support:

Today Intelligent Speaker text-to-speech engine voice is one of the best sounding artificial voices in the world. Intelligent Speaker gives you absolutely human-sounding experience, our speakers can transmit emotions, make necessary pauses and even breathe when it’s needed. Our mission is to make the information accessible to as many people as possible on the globe. Intelligent Speaker today speaks 18 languages and improves it’s speech patterns every single day.

The new format of control and communication:

We want to be as close as possible to our users. In the menu of Intelligent Speaker, you will be able to see reading time, access your personal dashboard, leave a feedback or report an issue, change languages and accounts and get your personal generated account. Each Intelligent Speaker user can easily connect with our support team and share his/her ideas and express honest opinions.

One year ago we made a promise to make the information accessible to everyone. Today our dream came true and Intelligent Speaker faces the world of web. We will continue to work on improvement and facilitation, effectivity and speed. We will continue to bring our users the best listening experience! Stay with us on this great way to new information era!

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