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PREMIUM monthly


PREMIUM yearly


1 hour of listening per month24 hours of listening per month
Audio is downloadableAudio is downloadable
Automatic text detectionAutomatic text detection
Speed controlSpeed control
Podcast syncPodcast sync
24 hours of listening per month
Audio is downloadable
Automatic text detection
Speed control
Podcast sync


What is Intelligent Speaker pricing?

We have two types of subscription, free BASIC and paid PREMIUM. The price of the PREMIUM plan is $6,99/month which means that your subscription will be renewed every month for $6,99.

What is the difference between Intelligent Speaker plans?

BASIC free plan users can add up to 1 hour of audio per month. PREMIUM plan users can add up to 24 hours of audio per month. Also with PREMIUM you support our hard work of developing and maintaining Intelligent Speaker.

What happens to the minutes of listening I did not use?

Every user is given 1 or 24 hours of listening monthly. When one month of subscription ends, all unused minutes disappear and every user gets new 1 hour (BASIC) or 24 hours(PREMIUM) of listening until the next month.

What happens after I subscribe to PREMIUM?

After you submit a payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email about your plan change as well as a receipt with the payment summary. Your plan will be upgraded immediately. You will also see changes on your account page and inside the extension.

If you face some problems with your subscription, please contact and we will help you to solve any issue.

What is account page?

Account page is your personal Intelligent Speaker user page where BASIC plan users will see their personal information, time left and date of joining. PREMIUM users will be able to see their personal information, time progress, payment information. They will also see their transaction history and will be able to download the receipts.

How can I access my account?

There are two ways of logging in to your account page:

  • You can access your account from Intelligent Speaker extension menu. Click on the extension icon in your browser’s upper right corner. After you see the player, click on the menu button on the upper left corner of the player and you’ll see “Account”.
  • You can access your account by this link or click on “Sign up” button, after a quick authentication you’ll see your account and personal dashboard. If you stay sign in, the next time you visit Intelligent Speaker website, you’ll see your name in the upper right corner. Click on it and you’ll access your account and dashboard.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on PREMIUM any time from your account page. On your account page, you’ll see a button “Cancel subscription”. Click on it and your subscription will be canceled automatically.

What happens when I cancel my PREMIUM subscription?

You will get a notification about subscription cancellation. Your account will be switched to free BASIC plan and you will get 1 hour of listening monthly. If you face problems with your subscription, please email us and we will help you to solve any issue.

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I am an Author of children's books and use this product in proofreading. It is outstanding. The natural sounding voice makes it seem like a human is reading it. The software actually sees and understands punctuation. The voice changes on question marks, to sound as if they have a question. The commas are read as commas, with a pause. I highly recommend this AP for reading and assistance in reading as well as the proofreading of any type of material. Great job.

Gene White: children's books author