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text to speech program

Intelligent Speaker is a new way of being efficient

Text to speech browser extension runs on leading tts engine and has useful features to make you productive.

With Intelligent Speaker you get:

  • Human-like voice and real-life emotions
  • Automatic text detection on web and local files
  • No ads read, only content you want to hear
  • Google Docs and browser files support
  • 18 available languages with high-quality voices
  • Speed range which suits everyone
  • Podcast creation function which transforms your content into a podcast

Listen to your content on the go from any device, online and offline

With Intelligent Speaker you can sync your content with any rss/podcast reader program.

You are able to listen to all your texts from your list on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, whatever you do.

intelligent speaker

Intelligent Speaker is your ultimate guide to efficient lifestyle

  • Explore a new way of studying and learning
  • Listen to books, articles, and documents while driving, cooking and exercising
  • Boost your work efficiency and save your time by letting Intelligent Speaker read documents and files for you
  • Open up the world of new information if you've ever experienced difficulties with seeing or reading web pages
  • Forget about eye strain and enjoy your personal speaker with human voice
  • Use Intelligent Speaker in your own way. Do what you love and do it productively!


What is Intelligent Speaker?

Intelligent Speaker is text-to-speech browser extension which transforms any written text into speech and reads it aloud. It works with web pages, local files and documents. Intelligent Speaker supports Google Docs. You can listen to books, articles, news and any written content. Our product runs on the best text-to-speech engine technology which guarantees human-like voice, smart text recognition and natural sounding.

How does it work?

Intelligent Speaker is browser extension which means it is integrated to our browser. When you install Intelligent Speaker, you’ll see the icon in the upper right corner of your browsers’ panel. All you need to do is to click on the icon and open the links on webpages you’d like to listen to. Click on “Plus” button in Intelligent Speaker player or right click your mouse to add the link to the feed. After the link appears in the feed, you can listen to the text. You can use different speeds you’re comfortable with and divide your text into chunks.

Every time click on Intelligent Speaker icon, you’ll see your list of listened content. You can listen to it anytime with no additional minutes taken.

Can I add a segment of text instead of the entire article or post?

Yes, all you need to do is to highlight the text segment you want to listen to and add it to the feed by clicking on “Plus” button or mouse right click drop down menu “Add to the feed” button. After a moment you’ll be able to hear the fragment you’ve added to Intelligent Speaker feed.

Can I use Intelligent Speaker on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, you can generate your personal podcast link from the Intelligent Speaker extension menu and add this link to any podcast app or rss reader installed on your smartphone, tablet or any device. If you have apple products, you can use native app called “podcasts”. If you use Android devices, you can use any app you prefer.

Can I listen to articles in different languages?

Yes, Intelligent Speaker speaks in 18 languages. This browser extension automatically detects text on the page and reads in the language of the content. To change the language of Intelligent Speaker interface, click on Intelligent Speaker icon, in the left corner of the player you’ll see menu, click on it and choose the language you’d like.

How to generate podcast from my Intelligent Speaker list?

To create your own podcast with all the articles and texts you’ve added to your feed, you will need to go to the menu and click to “Email podcast link”. In a moment you’ll get your personal podcast link with the instructions on your email. You can open your email app on phone or tablet, copy the link and insert it to any podcast/rss reader.

Can I listen to my texts offline?

Yes, you can have offline access to all your added texts from podcast/rss app on your smartphone/tablet.

Is Intelligent Speaker free ?

Yes, every Intelligent Speaker user gets 1 hour of listening for free every month. If you’d like to get more listening time, check out our plans

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I am an Author of children's books and use this product in proofreading. It is outstanding. The natural sounding voice makes it seem like a human is reading it. The software actually sees and understands punctuation. The voice changes on question marks, to sound as if they have a question. The commas are read as commas, with a pause. I highly recommend this AP for reading and assistance in reading as well as the proofreading of any type of material. Great job.

Gene White

Children's books author