Guide to productivity. Part 2. How to accomplish more by doing less

Procrastination is the ultimate time killer. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we still meet the obstacle we can’t overcome. If you can’t help but keep on being seduced by the opportunity of watching a new video with cute kittens ( what we here, at Intelligent Speaker, are crazy about), then this post will help you to accelerate your productivity resources. We gathered best hacks to bring you better productivity experience! [Read More]

Guide to productivity. Part 1. How to sleep better and achieve more

How many times you woke up at 5,6,7 even 8 am on Monday and felt so broke and bad that even a shot of double espresso from nearest Starbucks couldn’t improve your state of mind? I am saying “state of mind” because our mind is the only relevant thing in the entire process of human existence. People do not achieve their goals because of weak bodies. They do not outperform because they give up in their minds. [Read More]

New Era of Information: the Story of Intelligent Speaker

How do you spend your routine time? This was the first question which almost one year Intelligent Speaker development team asked aloud for the first time. Back then we didn’t know we would create an efficient text-to-speech product. We did not know what we wanted to create and how it would look at the end. We only knew that we had all the opportunities to develop something that could change the way we accomplish our tasks and spend routine time. [Read More]